Finish With Strength


Our service and quality are second to none. When you leave your parts at Du-All, you can rest assured that they will not leave our shop until they are processed to the highest specification and quality possible. At Du-All, we understand that your product comes to us after much thought and development. Finishing it with strength is no exception. The many different kinds of coating treatments we offer at Du-All are each unique and specific to the kind of end result you desire.

We are specialists at Type II Anodizing, Chemical Films, Passivation, Brite-Dipping, Chemical Cleaning, Masking, Bead Blasting, Metal Graining, Racking & Fixturing, and Close Tolerance Handling and if you don't know which treatment is best for your specific type of product, Du-All's experts will consult with you to recommend the most appropriate and cost-effective finish.

Du-All Color Chart: Spectrum of Aluminum, Sanodye® MF and Sanodal® Dyes Download

Du-All Plating Specifications Sheet Download