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Chemical Films

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Chemical Conversion Coatings (also known as Alodine) are also applied to the surfaces of 100% aluminum and aluminum alloys. This type of coating provides excellent corrosion protection and acts as a smooth base for painting. There are two classes of coatings, Class 1A and Class 3.

Class 1A Coatings are intended to provide corrosion protection and paint finish adhesion to unpainted 100% aluminum and aluminum alloy surfaces. Examples of usage for this type of coating include all surface treatments of tanks, tubing and component structures, or anywhere paint finishes are required for exterior surfaces.

Class 3 Chemical Coatings are intended to provide a corrosion preventive film for electrical and electronic applications where low resistance contacts are required. Class 3 coatings are valuable because unpainted chromate conversion coatings begin to lose their corrosion resistance properties if exposed to temperatures of 60 degrees C (140 F) or above during drying or subsequent fabrication or service.

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