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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your standard shipping and turn-around time?
Du-All is very sensitive to returning your parts back to you in a timely manner, so we strive to maintain our "not to exceed 24 hours" policy. In fact, we accommodate most customers in as little as 4 hours. We also can prepare, package, and safely ship your products anywhere in the world to get them where they need to be, on time.

Can you handle large quantity jobs?
Du-All is continually upgrading and refining our processes and materials to better serve our clients. We can handle any job, big or small. We have the largest anodizing and dye tanks of any Bay Area plating shop that enable us to provide you with fast, efficient turn-around time. We have plated parts for some of the most successful companies in the world, including Apple computer, NASA, Lockheed Martin, IBM, DuPont, Toshiba and Applied Materials, just to name a few.

Do you have experience in a variety of industries?
Du-All has an acute knowledge and understanding of your business, and your parts. We employ experts who have the insight to make recommendations as to what the most effective and efficient way might be to protect your products. By continually refining our equipment and closely watching the balance of our chemicals, Du-All has successfully surpassed all industry standard Anodizing tests for quality.

When Anodizing a large number of parts, will all of my colors match?
At Du-All, we understand how important consistency is in color, shape and size. In order to achieve that consistency, we use deionized water throughout all of our systems as well a water filtration and agitation procedures to provide a uniform consistency to all the pieces that pass through our plating process. Our tanks are monitored and maintained on a regular basis and are tested in-house daily and out-of-house twice a week by a certified lab. Our chemicals are kept pure, and our concentrations are pH balanced on a daily basis. All chemicals and dyes (Link to Clariant) used are the finest in the industry. In addition, our racking methods are standardized to maintain color density. We take all of these necessary precautions to ensure that all colors maintain consistent color concentration and titration, which all ensure a uniform color throughout all parts. Finally, spec sheets are developed so the job with the exact same color can be run again with relative ease.

Will Anodize hold up to UV rays?
Du-All has developed a process that enables its Type II Anodized parts to withstand UV rays for an extended period of time compared to the industry standard. However, Type II Anodizing is not intended to hold up to UV rays over an extended period of time.

How will Anodizing affect tolerances?
There are many variables that can affect the dimensional tolerances of parts. The challenge of dimensional tolerances is that even the slightest build-up can significantly affect parts. For example, if we are anodizing a part that will eventually be bolted in with screws, even the slightest build up can affect your part and not allow for the correct pieces to fit appropriately. Du-All recognizes this challenge and has implemented many effective techniques that deal with close tolerance parts so as to avoid these potential build-ups. The utilization of non-etch strippers process parts to create an even exchange of removal and build-up so tolerances are maintained and change very little.

Du-All Color Chart: Spectrum of Aluminum, Sanodye® MF and Sanodal® Dyes Download

Du-All Plating Specifications Sheet Download