Finish With Strength

Quality Control

At Du-All, we do nothing halfway and we take quality control very seriously. We use deionized water throughout all of our systems as well a water filtration and agitation procedures to provide a uniform consistency to all the pieces that pass through our plating process. Our tanks are monitored and maintained on a regular basis and are tested in-house daily and out-of-house twice a week by a certified lab. Our chemicals are kept pure, and our concentrations are pH balanced on a daily basis. All chemicals and dyes used are the finest in the industry. Every product sustains a rigorous quality control process consisting of check points throughout all process phases; starting from the minute we receive the order to when we box it up. Your project is tracked through the entire plating process to ensure that all job requirements are properly met, that any issues are immediately addressed and that the finished product has complete consistency in the end result no matter the quantity.

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